Bikini Wax Usage

Having trouble removing the hair?
It's likely due to one of the following:

The hair is too short. Hair should be at least 1/4 inches long to wax.

The wax strip was pulled off too slowly or in the wrong direction.

The wax strip was not applied immediately after wax application
and rubbed firmly for 3-4 seconds in the direction of hair growth.

For better Bikini Wax wax adhesion, lightly dust the area with GiGi's Pre-Epilation Dusting Powder to absorb any excess oil or moisture on the skin before waxing.
Slight irritation is normal after any Bikini waxing session, but swollen, discolored or irritated skin could be the result of poor technique.

When pulling off the wax strip, hold the skin taut and pull the wax strip off parallel to the skin. If your client experiences discomfort, apply gentle pressure to the area with your fingertips. Ice also works to decrease sensitivity. You can also use GiGi Bikini Soothing Cream with 2% Lidocaine, a 'numbing' lotion designed specifically for use before and after waxing.

Make sure the wax is at the correct temperature - too hot will burn your client,
and too cold will cause the muslin strip to rip or not adhere properly to the wax.

Your client may be sensitive to waxing, or reacting to the wax you're using. GiGi's Crème Wax is the ideal method of hair removal for clients with sensitive skin or for hair removal in delicate areas. Crème Wax is a smooth crème formula recommended for sensitive skin types. Crème Wax conditions the skin when applied and leaves the skin silky. Crème Wax melts at medium temperatures.

Before your client leaves, here are a few tips to pass along to them:
To minimize the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs, avoid wearing tight clothing over newly waxed areas. Exfoliate the skin 24 to 48 hours after the waxing session to prevent the build up of dead skin cells (which will result in ingrown hairs.)

It's recommend that your client use GiGi Slow Grow Maintenance Lotion to retard future hair growth.

Do not expose newly waxed areas to the sun for at least 48 hours after treatment.
A good sun block is also recommend to protect the skin.

Because skin tends to be more sensitive right before and right after your menstrual cycle, waxing can be more painful.Try to avoid scheduling waxing sessions 3-4 days before and 3-4 days after your period.

Wax Clean Up:
Keeping your waxing station and surrounding areas free of wax is easy. GiGi's Sure Clean' is a no-rinse formula that is perfect for maintaining your wax warmer as well as most salon surfaces. In addition to wax, this all-purpose cleaner also removes chewing-gum, grease, crayons and lipstick from carpets, floors and upholstery.
To keep your wax station and roller heads clean, wipe them with GiGi Sure Clean' after each use. "Sure Clean" can also be used to remove wax residue from counter tops and other surfaces. Use GiGi's Wax Off to remove excess wax from your client. Wax Off gently removes all traces of wax from the skin. It is enriched with aloe and essential oils to moisturize as it cleans. It leaves the skin soft and silky.

Other Clean-Up Tips:
Used epilation strips, wax applicators and empty wax cans can get messy if you're not careful.Use disposable bags to protect wastebaskets from wax residue.

Cover waxing stations and treatment tables with disposable paper or clean sheets between clients. Not only is it sanitary, but this simple step will prevent these areas from getting sticky.

Before applying wax, clean one side of the wax applicator by rubbing it against the rim of the wax can. Too much wax on the wax applicator can drip, making a mess of your waxing station and your client! Also, always use a new wax applicator with each new client.

GiGi advises that the following precautions apply to waxing clients:

- To eliminate after wax redness, recommend that clients take an antacid 1-1/2 hours before the wax service. Do not wax over moles.

- Do not wax clients that have the following condition: Sunburn, diabetes, phlebitis, recent scar tissue, or other skin conditions.

- Due to the side effects of increased sensitivity and irritation, it is not recommended that you wax clients that are using Retin A, Accutane, Tetracycline or Glycolic Acid.

- Be aware that during pregnancy clients can experience increased water retention.

- During the 24-hour period following a waxing service, the client should
avoid hot baths, tanning beds, saunas or other heat treatments.

Waxes should not be used on the eyelashes, inside the nose or ears,
on the nipples, or on irritated, chapped, sunburned, or cut skin.
Test a small area of skin for sensitivity prior to waxing.

Keep these products out of reach of children.
Keep these products out of the eyes and mucous membranes.
These products are not intended for internal use.
Discontinue usage of any product if you develop a rash or other irritation.
Contact your medical provider if the condition persists.

ALL AT HOME WAXING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. We make no guarantees or promises whatsoever regarding the use of hair removal wax in an at-home situation. If you are considering waxing as a do-it-yourself project. A consultation with a professional is advised beforehand. We strongly recommend doing as much research as possible to determine if waxing should be attempted at home. We are not suggesting that a "Bikini Wax" job can be done on one's own body nor are we recommending that one even attempt this procedure.

The information on this web site has not been evaluated by the Food And Drug Administration.
If you have any medical concerns or conditions we recommend that you consult with your Doctor or medical provider before starting any waxing regimen or using any of the products listed on this website.

These products are marketed to enhance general well being, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Any information, claim or opinion obtained and or given from this web site
or company should not be taken as medical advice for any reason.

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